Screw Going on Vacation, Pilot a Robot Around Italy From Your Living Room Instead

Cheap AND easy.

Terrify tourists from the comfort of your own home (Screengrab:

Terrify tourists from the comfort of your own home (Screengrab:

Vacations are cool but they cost money and require you to get up and move around, plus sometimes your phone doesn’t work and there’s no WiFi where you’re going, so actually who needs ’em.

Luckily, a trio of companies has caught on to the futility of actual travel and launched a campaign called Three Minutes in Italy. It “allows Facebook users to take a tour of the village of Taormina in Sicily, Italy through the eyes of a robot,” PSFK reports. So if you were ever wondering what it’d be like if Small Wonder never got cancelled and V.I.C.I. got to study abroad, now’s your chance.

This is basically one step above going on a walking tour of Paris or Hong Kong via Google Maps Street View, with the added bonus of a SanPellegrino promotion. Users get to choose between two live experiences: a SkyBot that enables you to pretend you’re piloting a drone, and a ground-based robot, through which you can even interact with passers-by in order to keep your crushing loneliness at bay. Everybody wins.