Sorry, Glassholes: Face Computers Not Allowed at Guantanamo Bay War Court

Can't imagine why.

Yes, this is the actual sign. (Photo: Twitter)

Yes, this is the actual sign. (Photo: Twitter)

If you were planning on wearing your Google Glass to Guantànamo Bay to casually record some trials in the controversial facility’s war camp, you’re out of luck: the powers that be have reportedly posted a fancy sign alerting visitors that Glass is not allowed.

Specifically, the sign reads, “No Binoculars Or Other Visual Enhancement Devices” and “Leave these outside please NO GOOGLE GLASSES!!!” with an arrow pointing to a Glass model’s face computer.

The Miami Herald‘s Gitmo reporter, Carol Rosenberg, tweeted about the sign and also wrote up a blog post. The sign is located at the war-court compound’s entrance, she reports.

“The notice seemed a bit superfluous since both the military judge, Army Col. James Pohl, and the Pentagon itself forbid any kind of recording of military commissions proceedings,” Ms. Rosenberg notes. “But as the only user of Glass currently on the base … I appreciated the personal touch.”

So the sign is basically an IRL subtweet aimed at Ms. Rosenberg because the feds are jealous of her Explorer edition Glass. Expert trolling, U.S. Government.

(h/t Quartz)