Special Delivery! Woman Gives Birth to Baby Boy While Waiting for LIRR in Penn Station

Officer Melissa DeFrancesco with the baby boy. (via Flickr)

Officer Melissa DeFrancesco with the baby. (via Flickr)

It’s been a heck of a week for New York transport. First, a shark was found on the subway. Now a baby has been born in Penn station!

As if the LIRR wasn’t bad enough, Ana Aguirre, 32, reportedly went into labor waiting for a train yesterday morning.

MTA officers sprung into action, helping the woman deliver the child on a platform near track 20. Unlike everything else on the MTA, the baby was right on time, and was out and about by 10 am.

“It happened so fast. She was screaming. We brought her to the precinct, which is right inside Penn Station,”  MTA Police Officer Vinay Hathiraamani told the  New York Post. “It was a boy.”

The mother and child were then taken to Bellevue hospital. The MTA’s Twitter feed confirmed the name and weight of the baby boy:

Which caused one witty user to reference the strange happenings earlier in the week: