Sweet, Sweet Stasis: Lazyglasses Let You Watch TV While Lying Flat on Your Back

Never move again!

Hehe (Photo: Thinkgeek.com)

Hehe (Photo: Thinkgeek.com)

Do you ever wake up with a terrible stiffness in your neck because you spent half the night prior propped up on your elbow marathoning a Netflix show? A simple pair of glasses retailing at Think Geek promises to let you enjoy multimedia from your TV or laptop while laying flat on your back for the low, low price of $15.99, shipping and handling and looking like a total nerd.

Slip on the Lazyglasses and they bend your vision 90 degrees so that you can have your laptop or TV located at the foot of your bed but happily focus on the ceiling, absorbing the program without lying at an awkward angle. Perfect for people who are so lazy they cannot be bothered to do anything but lay flat on their backs. We imagine the device also frees your hands up for, uh, stuff.

Word to the wise: We don’t recommend wearing these around anyone else if you have any sense of dignity–unless, of course, you live with a Glasshole.

(h/t Laughing Squid)