The Schulhof Collection Sues Lisa Jacobs

The work in question. (Courtesy

The work in question. (Via

The New York Daily News reports that Michael Schulhof, son of collectors Rudolph and Hannelore Schulhof, has sued Lisa Jacobs, curator of the Schulhof Collection, for allegedly pocketing $1 million in the sale of a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In 2011, according to court papers, Hannelore Schulhof asked Ms. Jacobs to sell Basquiat’s Future Sciences Versus the Man (1983) in hopes of raising $6 million. Ms. Jacobs allegedly sold the work for $6.5 million and then told Schulhof she had only managed to get $5.5 million for it. Ms. Schulhof died in 2012; her husband died in 1999.

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