The White Stuff: ‘Operation Snowcone’ Nets Brooklyn Man ‘Selling Cocaine from Ice Cream Truck’



Because who doesn’t love some Oxy with their Rocket Pop?

In an undercover heist dubbed “Operation Snowcone,” authorities have busted a Brooklyn man for allegedly selling cocaine and Oxycodone out of his ice cream truck in Bay Ridge.

Mina Gatas, 20, was nabbed when attempting to peddle the drugs to undercover officers Monday night,  officials said, probably just after selling Scribblers and snow cones to unsuspecting children.

Mr. Gatas had arranged the deal with an officer a few days prior, the two swapping phone numbers in the Bay Ridge deli where he works.

“Our undercover officer was doing an investigation and he struck up a conversation with the defendant in the deli,” a spokesman for District Attorney Charles Hynes told The Post. “The defendant told him, ‘I can get you narcotics.’ They exchanged phone numbers and set up a buy.

And it looks like Mr. Gatas is not just an alleged criminal, but a cheap one at that—according to the spokesman, the undercover paid $825 for 15 grams of cocaine, but was actually given just 13. (Really, Mr. Gatas?)

The defendant was arraigned this morning, with bail set at $10,000. Operation Snowcone FTW.