Twitter’s General Counsel Alexander Macgillivray Is Hitting the Road

Twitter's Vijaya Gadde takes over.

@amac (Photo: Joi Ito, Flickr)

@amac (Photo: Joi Ito, Flickr)

Twitter’s general counsel Alexander Macgillivray is moving on. He announced today (via Twitter) that he’s leaving the company and turning things over to legal director Vijaya Gadde.

In an explanatory blog post–illustrated with nineteenth-century animal art, for some reason–he didn’t disclose his next move, other than to say he plans to do a little slacking:

“I’m looking forward to engaging my various internet passions from new and different perspectives, seeing friends and family without distraction, and just goofing off a bit. We should all do more of that.”

Like you needed any more encouragement headed into Labor Day weekend.

AllThingsD puts Mr. Macgillivray’s departure in perspective. He’s been at the company since 2009 and is reportedly an important voice for supporting users’ speech:

“While Macgillivray typically flies under the public radar, he is considered a mainstay inside the company, widely respected and known as one of the most vocal internal proponents of Twitter’s core free speech ideals.”

But honestly, who needs the headache of the IPO hullabaloo?