Users of Snoop Lion’s App Are Paying $100 for a Virtual Sticker of a Joint

That's half of a new iPhone.

This is $100. (Photo: WSJ/Snoopify)

This is $100. (Photo: WSJ/Snoopify)

Attention, struggling app developers: Snoop Lion has the answer to your monetization woes, and it comes in the form of a big ol’ joint.

On Snoop Lion’s free app, Snoopify, users upload pictures and adorn them with stickers of joints, stacks of cash, and girls in bikinis. Since last week, however, Snoopify has been selling the “Golden Jay,” a $100 sticker that emits a puff of colorful neon smoke and little sparkles.

According to the Wall Street Journal, it has been purchased 15 times. That’s $1,500 that people willingly gave to the loaded rapper. Even Snoop Lion’s brand manager (that’s a thing) Nick Adler was astounded that that many people shelled out $100 for it:

“I was shocked,” he said, “But hey, this is a new world.”

A whole new, big dumb world.