Whoops! Elon Musk Didn’t Mean to Get Your Hopes Up About the Hyperloop

No way does he have the bandwidth to build this thing.

We've maybe been trolled. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

We’ve maybe been trolled. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Did Elon Musk’s pie-in-the-sky promises about releasing a plan for an ultra-fast “Hyperloop” get you all excited for the future of travel? Bad news: This time, even Mr. Musk has to admit he got a little ahead of himself.

On Tesla’s quarterly earnings call, someone asked (wholly seriously, it seems) whether shareholders would “see any benefit” from the Hyperloop, for which he’s supposed to release a plan on August 12. According to a Seeking Alpha transcript, that’s when the backtracking began: 

“I think I kind of shot myself if I ever mentioning Hyperloop, because obviously I have to focus on core Tesla business and SpaceX business and that’s more than enough, but I did commit to publishing a design and provide quite a detailed design I think on Monday and then invite critical feedback and see if the people can find ways to improve it and then you can just be out there as kind of like a open source design that maybe you can keep improving and I don’t have any plan to execute, because I must remain focused on SpaceX and Tesla.”

Unfortunately, an “open source design” for a massively expensive infrastructure project is what we usually call “a fantasy.” Hell, anything more than the Bolt Bus seems like asking for the sun and stars.

Guess Mr. Musk will have to go back riling up the nerds with wild talk of settling on Mars.

(h/t Gizmodo)