With Creation of Glow-in-the-Dark Bunnies, Science Finally Makes Itself Useful

Really, it's about time.

We know what we want for Easter next year (Screengrab: Buzz60)

We know what we want for Easter next year (Screengrab: Buzz60)

If you’re sick of your regular everyday bunny, you’re in luck: a bunch of crazy Turks have bred a colony of glow-in-the-dark rabbits plucked straight from your <em>Donnie Darko</em> nightmares.

The crackpot scheme is being branded as “an attempt to advance research into treatments for life-threatening genetic diseases,” USA Today reports. Scientists injected fluorescent protein from jellyfish DNA into a knocked-up female rabbit’s embryos, and poof, two out of eight of them were green and glowing at birth.

The scientists just wanted to see if genetic material introduced through injection would become part of the litter’s makeup, USA Today insists, so the fact that they wound up with a couple of rave-ready fluorescent bun buns is really just a side benefit.