Woman Caught Making Off With $2,739 Worth of Make-Up at Soho Sephora

Some women are so focused on trying to conceal their blemishes that they forget to conceal their crimes.

Cosmetics at Sephora.

Cosmetics at Sephora.

Aspiring shoplifter Katherine Krukowski, 33, was busted last Thursday snatching a cool $2,739 worth of products from a Soho Sephora, according to DNAinfo. Her fiendish beauty plot was foiled when security guard at 555 Broadway searched her bag, and found 69 of the store’s unpaid for products stuffed inside.

Court documents show that Ms. Krukowski now faces two felony charges of grand larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.

Although the 1st precinct did not provide a list of what Ms. Krukowski tried to yank, the average cost of each item is a few cents short of $40 – a bit more than a tube of Lancome mascara.

Ms. Krukowski gets her day in court November 25. Any chance that a set of long, lustrous lashes will play up her doe eyes for the judge?