App Lets You Control Google Glass Via Your Phone If You Want to Render Glass Useless

Makes it easy for some covert creeping.

Creep from your phone. (Photo: MyGlass)

Creep from your phone. (Photo: MyGlass)

With all that head nodding and inexplicable talking to an inanimate object, controlling Google Glass can conjure up some suspicious looks from people around you. Now there’s an app for Android-powered phones that covertly controls Glass for you so you don’t look like a total cyborg.

MyGlass added the quirk yesterday using Glass’ screencast feature. It beams whatever you’re seeing through Glass to an Android device, then you control the WiFi-equipped face computer using swipes, taps and touches. As CNet astutely notes, downloading the free app is essentially pointless without Google Glass. However, there’s pictures of puppies in the app for those Glass-less heathens.

Obviously, having to use your phone to use Google Glass takes some of the novelty out of using the $1,500 all-in-one device. Some users have reported problems that Glass might need another update before the remote control becomes fully useful.

But if it gets a person off the street screaming “OK GLASS” while haphazardly nodding their head like they’re coming off some caffeine high, then this seems like a success.