‘Between Two Ferns’: Justin Bieber Edition (Video)

Bieleber! (FunnyOrDie)

Bieleber! (FunnyOrDie)

Did anyone else watch that Floyd Mayweather fight last Saturday? He’s such a good boxer, that guy! Pound for pound, he’s the best boxer in the world (or so says the people that know about these things). The best part of the fight though, in our opinion, was one when he walked out with Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne, because where else would you expect to see those two performers hanging out together? Is Justin Bieber even allowed to be out that late?

We Wonder what the three of them talked about. We bet it was very interesting, and if you’d like to send us your Mayweather/Bieber/Carter fan fiction where you imagine being a fly on the wall backstage while they were prepping for the show, feel free.

In any case, Justin Bieber is an adult now or something, as evidenced by both his hanging out at sporting events and his first toe-dip into self-satire with the latest installment of Zach Galifianakis’s “Between Two Ferns.”

Ha! All the things we kind of wished someone would ask Justin Bieber (“You recently cut your hair, what’s next for your career?) if you took the time to think about it. Plus, adult abuse!
Did you know that Maryweather wants to walk down the aisle with Miley Cyrus for his next match? Twerk it!

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