Booting Up: Let’s All Watch Somebody Bypass Apple’s Supposedly Secure Fingerprint Sensor

Spooky. (Photo: MacRumors)

Spooky. (Photo: MacRumors)

Can you smell the excitement that is Advertising Week? Twitter can! It’s set to announce a flurry of television-related ad products as the company continues to tart itself up prior to going public. [Wall Street Journal]

Watching people hack into the new iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is the new unboxing video. [MacRumors]

AngelList, the casual connection meeting place between investors and entrepreneurs, raised $24 million. [Fortune]

Just like a real company, Airbnb has tapped an ad agency for an upcoming campaign. [AdAge]

The JOBS Act goes into effect today, allowing startups to ask for funding on social media and crowdfunding sites. [New York Times]