Breaking Bad Auctions Off Show Props [Gallery]

For your favorite chicken brothers. Bidding starts at $150 for these 2-gallon buckets.
For the discerning screen collector connesoir, there are several shivs from season 5, episode 8, where Walter White hires 9 hits across several prisons in two minutes. Relive this exciting episode by shiving your favorite Breaking Bad binge-watching partner in mutual seppuku. Bids start at $100.
One with eyes, one without. (Though no bear with only half a charred face, as a visual spoiler for the fate of Gus Fringe?) Bids start at $1,500.
Jesse Pinkman's pimped-out 1982 Cheverlot with the crazy hydraulic system starts at $2,500. But remember, it's not really drivable since Hank and Tuco's shoot-out.
Skylar's 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer--in working condition (though it leaks oil!)--for $7,125.
Belonging to Leonel and Marco Salamanca, this rubber-headed axe goes for a starting bid of $50. It's a steal!



Click through the photos to see some of the items we are bidding on!