Call Me Einstein Because Twitter Is Actually Making People Smarter, Science Says


Visionaries, all of them. (Photo: Getty)

Visionaries, all of them. (Photo: Getty)

Some scientific evidence has finally proven what we at Betabeat have known for eons: typing away at your iPhone or laptop all day makes you smart. Like, really smart.

Haters and those fearful of change like to clutch their pearls over the idea that the omnipresence of technology and social media makes people dumber. Check the noun-verb agreement in that last sentence and you’ll realize that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, the spotty youths of today can “write and think far better than in the past,” The Globe and Mail asserts.

Think about it. Before the Internet, unless they were reading actual books, all kids did with their time was see how many Cheez-Its they could fit in their mouths at once, make out at the mall, watch TV for hours on end, or maybe play sports. Now, they’re still doing those activities–but they’re interspersing lots of reading and writing in between over the phone. Or, they’re playing Candy Crush.

Try and rip yourselves away from Twitter and Instagram long enough to absorb all of The Globe and Mail‘s lengthy treatise on the subject. Or just ignore it and keep texting, safe in the knowledge that that, too, could be enhancing your brain.