Failed Hit and Run Proves Google Street View Drivers Are Actually Lucy Ricardo


Driver, you got some 'splainin to do (Photo via Gizmodo)

Driver, you got some ‘splainin to do (Photo via Gizmodo)

Like something out of a 1950s screwball comedy, yet another Google Street View driver has left carnage in his trail by failing to run after a hit-and-run in Indonesia.

The driver ploughed into two public buses and a truck before finally giving up, Gizmodo reports:

“Initially, the driver had only hit the one bus, but when he (understandably) appeared to ‘panic,’ he less excusably decided to drive away. Then, in a frantic attempt at an escape, the driver took down another bus as well as a truck. After which he, presumably, decided maybe it’s time to stop. It’s still not clear whether anyone was harmed, but Google has at least confirmed that this incident did, in fact take place.”

A Google rep released a meaningless statement about taking the situation “very seriously” and “working closely with local authorities to address the situation.” Cool.

As Gizmodo points out a similar crackpot scenario recently occurred when some Thai villagers tried to carry out a citizens’ arrest on a Street View driver because they thought he was collecting information to build a dam, which is apparently a grave offense in Thailand. The concerned mob reportedly dragged him to a statue of Buddha and made him swear on it that he wasn’t one of the dreaded dam builders.

We’re guessing next week, a pair of Street View driver BFFs will be assigned to shoot photos of a candy factory, but then chocolates will come spewing out of the conveyor belt at warp speed and… you know the rest.