Go Ahead and Lug That Tuna Salad to Work Because Reverse Microwave Technology Now Exists

It's about time.

A Rapidcool prototype (Photo: Rapidcool.eu)

A Rapidcool prototype (Photo: Rapidcool.eu)

Sometimes, after a long commute, the yogurt you brought in for an afternoon snack becomes tepid. You won’t even be able to eat it by the end of the day because the refrigerator cools things down at the speed of a glacier on Quaaludes. But now, there’s a way for you to cool that cultured milk down to a palatable temp in 45 seconds or less!

Okay, you probably shouldn’t actually do that, because of bacteria. But if you want to chill a bottled beverage, or if you want to play a prank on your roommate by freezing every sock she owns while she’s in the bathroom, go for it with Rapidcool.

Rapidcool’s technology “claims to be able to bring a drink from room temperature to the all-important 4 degrees Celsius in just 45 seconds,” Geek.com reports. The V-Tex technology used for the actual cooling is innovative because it avoids freezing the outside of a can or bottle, which can result in a slushy drink (ew, beer slush).

The end-goal is for Rapidcool to become ubiquitous in consumer kitchens, but for now it’ll probably just be used to quickly cool beverages purchased at vending machines, resulting in lower refrigeration costs for machine operators, Geek.com reports.

The possibilities are kinda-sorta endless for this machine–but we’re most excited at the prospect of chilling a Three Musketeers bar at the drop of a hat. Sign us up.