Ground Control to Major Tom(cat): Iran May Send a Persian Cat Into Space

Might we suggest the Fancy Feast cat?

This Persian's bitchface is everything. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

This Persian’s bitchface is everything. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Your fussy, pure-bred longhair is about to get even snottier. According to the AP, Iranian officials are seriously considering sending a Persian cat into space. Because nothing livens up an orbital capsule like zero-G kitty turds.

The AP reports:

“Ebrahimi said Iran’s next space capsule could carry the Persian cat, a long-haired, flat-faced breed named after Iran’s former name of Persia. He said the launch will happen by the end of Iran’s current year, which ends March 21. The report said a mouse and rabbit also are under consideration.”

Before you inform your cat of this historic moment for her species, however, there’s some question as to whether Iran is the most reliable source regarding its own space program.  Remember space monkey? It didn’t take a conspiracy theorist to doubt that one. And if Iran does manage to punt Fluffy into orbit, it’d be downright alarming, since space programs are often as much about, you know, developing ballistic missile technology as pure exploration.

The Fancy Feast mascot could not be reached for comment.

(h/t PopSci)