Grumpy Cat Looks Pissed to Be the New Face of Friskies

Meanwhile my cat's still a lazy asshole.

A publicist sent us this.

A publicist sent us this.

Just the other day, a trip to a Fancy Feast-inspired fashion show had us speculating about why there aren’t more Internet cat endorsements of pet food brands. Not a full week later comes the news from Friskies: Cranky, overworked meme Grumpy Cat has signed an endorsement deal, making her the official, uh, “spokescat” for the brand.

BRB, giving my cat a lecture about how he needs to get a damn job.

Back in March, Grumpy Cat (who almost certainly would rather be at home, napping) participated in several promotional events including an appearance at startup networking orgy SXSW. Now the brand and Internet personality will expand their relationship and “work together for additional Friskies online programs and integrated opportunities.”

She’ll begin her duties with an October 15 appearance at “The Friskies,” an awards show for Internet cat videos. Here is a real quote from the brand manager of Friskies:

“Friskies is always looking for new ways to celebrate playtime for cats and their owners through online content. Signing on Grumpy Cat for a longer-term relationship allows Friskies to work with one of the biggest stars in the space. It’s a win-win for everyone – especially people who love watching cat videos and cat owners who love experiencing a variety of online cat content.”

No doubt that smug hipster Lil Bub has something very cutting to say about this.