Hey Dummies: Don’t Believe Anyone Who Tells You iOS7 Is Waterproof

Never forget that the Internet is a nest of lies.

Transparently bullshit.

Transparently bullshit.

Despite all havoc it wrought on WiFi networks across America as everyone began downloading it simultaneously, iOS7 isn’t that major an update. It certainly does not, for instance, make your iPhone waterproof. Because it’s a software update.

And yet, it seems a couple of truly clueless individuals were tricked into believing just that.

The Telegraph reports that a few naive souls have been taken in by a fake ad circulating on social media, promising that iOS7 would install a “smart switch” protecting their iPhones from water damage. The spoof is thought to be the work of–who else?–4Chan. Frankly we’re shocked they had time for something other than figuring out how to use their dicks to unlock the fingerprint sensor.

According to the Telegraph:

“Whoever said ios7 was waterproof **** you,” wrote one user on Twitter. “Wtf iOS7 isn’t waterproof!! Now my phone’s at the bottom of the river,” another said.

Wait until they find out that if you take an ax to your iPad, you’ll find “gullible” written on the circuitry inside. Unless of course the victims are just as fake as the ads, which is far from unlikely.