High-Tech Beer Holder Prevents You From Drunk-Dialing Your Ex

It can't do anything about those nudes they're hanging onto, though.

Polar-Beer-Cell-Phone-Nullifier-2One of the most pressing issues of our time is the fact that we can contact lovers who’ve scorned us at the push of a button, and we are drunk a lot. This often leads to drunken voicemails, drunken texts or, worst of all, drunken sexts.

But thanks to a new invention called the Cell Phone Nullifier, we can stop worrying about our lowered inhibitions leading to a lowered level of dignity. Created by Brazilian beer brand Polar, the beer cozy cuts off phone connection within a 1.5-meter radius, PSFK reports.

It was designed to keep people from checking their cell phones while socializing, PSFK says, and it blocks the signal for all the phones within a few feet of you, so it doubles as a great way of forcing people to listen to your dumb words.

The device shuts out both 3G and 4G signals, so it’ll also keep you from posting that Instagram pic of you canoodling with a hot new thang that seems like a great idea at the time, but is clearly a blatant attempt at making your ex jealous. So you end up not as embarrassed, and you don’t have to drag your social media followers through the psychological turmoil of a breakup. Everybody wins.