Hoboken Woman Owns Up to Flinging Poop at Parking Officer

A well-behaved monkey (Getty).

A well-behaved monkey (Getty).

In further evidence we’ve not evolved that much from apes, a woman has admitted to throwing poop at a parking officer after receiving a ticket.

According to reports, the confrontational driver thought she was unfairly singled out for a ticket because she is Latina.

The parking officer was getting into her boyfriend’s car to leave the scene, at Bloomfield and First Street, when the incident occurred last Wednesday night.

The assailant initially denied throwing the feces, but later admitted to scooping poop (thankfully not her own) from the ground in a paper cup and hurling it at the parking officer.

Hoboken police issued the 39-year-old with summonses for harassment and disorderly conduct following last week’s incident.

The victim was treated at Hoboken University Medical Center for possible contamination. Ew and ew.

The poop-thrower also visited the hospital after she claimed she was having an anxiety attack. We’re having an anxiety attack just writing about this.

A large crowd also witnessed the incident, but can you blame them for rubber-necking?