Ikea Is Selling Solar Panels Because You Need to Heat Up Those Cinnamon Rolls Somehow

For $9,000, they better not break after a year of use.

Loves green energy, (Photo: Ikea)

Loves green energy, (Photo: Ikea)

In a move sure to inspire the most infuriating direction packet in human history, Ikea is planning to sell solar panels at its British stores. The Swedish retailer, which is most commonly known for its ridiculously named coffee tables, is hoping to tap into the country’s burgeoning green energy market that apparently exists even though it’s always cloudy over there.

Reuters writes that the $9,000 solar panel packages will be available at all of its British outlets within the next 10 months. Produced by a German firm, the purchase of panels also comes with an in-store consultation, maintenance and even installation. According to Ikea, people who purchase the panels (the price of it is subsidized by the government) save about $1,000 a year between lowered electric bills and tax breaks.

Over in Europe, Ikea has been helping lead a Greenzo-approved lifestyle. It already has installed solar panels at several of its stores and owns wind farms in several European countries. By 2020, Ikea hopes to source 100 percent of the company’s energy from wind and solar power.

No word on how many solar panels it takes to heat up a batch of horse meat Swedish meatballs.