Keep Constant Tabs on Your Nemesis With This Unstoppable Solar-Powered Drone

Or just, you know, cut down on fossil fuel usage.

It sees youuuu (Photo:

It sees youuuu (Photo:

Titan Aerospace has created a solar-powered high-altitude drone that’s capable of remaining in flight for five whole years–and we’re pretty sure it’s the perfect stalking tool.

The drone manufacturer claims the Solara is intended to pursue the lofty goals of “environmental monitoring, fire monitoring, disaster response” and zipping around Earth’s atmosphere with loads of up to 250 pounds, according to It could serve the same function as a communications satellite, but with lower fuel emissions and with the added bonus of being able to come back down to Earth for maintenance before re-ascending.

All of the green environmental stuff is nice, but it’s clear that the most useful type of surveillance in this day and age is cyber-stalking. Titan Aerospace, may we suggest you rent out portions of the Solara to bitter, jealous exes and Regina George types? It would be so much easier than checking their location tags on Instagram all day. Not that we’d know.