Male Gorilla and Probable Hacker News Commenter Sent to Therapy for His Sexist Attitude

Get it together, Patrick.

(Photo: Sagacom)

(Photo: Sagacom)

Patrick is incredibly hairy, weighs 430 pounds and hates women. Patrick is not a Hacker News commenter, he is a gorilla who until recently resided at the Dallas Zoo. Now, according to news reports, he’s being shipped off to therapy in South Carolina because of his sexist attitude.

Though Patrick has been entertaining Dallas Zoo goers for 18 years, his aggressive behavior–targeted particularly at female gorillas–means that he’ll be forced to have a sit-down with animal behaviorists in order to tackle his distaste for the opposite sex. So far he’s bitten one female gorilla and nipped at another, so he’ll get to live the single bachelor life in South Carolina while he works out his issues with the ladies.

If only we could ship all sexist men to gender equality camp.