Morning Media Mix

(Photo: Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Photo: Illustration by Lauren Payne)

At long last! The Post has finally upgraded its website, which is “an improvement over a website that seemed stuck in the ’90s,” writes Ad Age. (New York Post)

More Post news: word is that former longtime Page Six editor, Richard Johnson, who’s been out West since 2010, is heading back to New York “to begin a new chapter at the paper.” (Capital)

What’s a bigger deal? That Vanity Fair turned 100 years old or that Kate Upton—photographed by Annie Leibovitz— is on the cover of the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue? (Vanity Fair)

Daniel Fromson, the author of a new e-book for the Atavist called Finding Shakespeare, writes about how to talk like the Bard. As David Carr writes on Twitter: “I’d rather type like him.” (The Awl)

If you hang up on Oprah, she might call you back. (WGN)

An interesting subject but perhaps an even more interesting headline: “GoDaddy Steps Away From the Jiggle.” (New York Times)