Netflix’s ‘Spoiler Foiler’ Scrubs Your Twitter Feed Free of Plot Twists, You Delicate Flower

It's a digital Garden of Eden just for Breaking Bad fans!

Psst... it was purgatory THE WHOLE TIME. (Photo: Netflix)

Psst… it was purgatory THE WHOLE TIME. (Photo: Netflix)

The Internet is crawling with TV obsessives who’ll jump up your butt if you so much as hint at a minor plot twist in a Game of Thrones episode from three years ago. (Hey, guess what? NED IS DEAD.) To make matters worse, it’s become impossible to watch a Major Television Event (like, say, the Breaking Bad finale) without breathlessly live-tweeting every moment.

Well, fresh off its big night at the Emmys, Netflix has decided to solve this peril of the second-screen lifestyle, GigaOm reports. The company has launched “Spoiler foiler,” a Twitter app designed to shield fragile users from any hint of what’s going to happen on their favorite shows before they get a chance to watch.

“Any tweets with danger words get blacked out, as below. When you’ve caught up, it’s safe to go back to normal Twitter,” Netflix explains. You log in and get a filtered version of your Twitter timeline. The company announced the handy offering on its Twitter handle for the U.K. and Ireland, pegged to the finale Breaking Bad (which Netflix makes available in jolly old England shortly after the American air date).

Or, alternatively, you could simply stay off Twitter for a few hours. Just a thought!