New York Post Has Been Somewhat Critical of Bill de Blasio This Week

One op-ed on Bill de Blasio is concerned about his worldview. (Photo:


Bill de Blasio has never been the New York Post‘s favorite mayoral candidate, but the relationship between the Democrat and the tabloid appears to be further strained since he won the September 10 primary.

This week alone the paper has featured an aggressive barrage of op-eds and critical reports on the de Blasio campaign, carrying headlines like “Obama to meet Sandinista-supporting de Blasio.” Today, Mr. de Blasio was dubbed “Che de Blasio” twice in its pages, which skewer him on a whole host of topics.

Even today’s selected pieces of reader mail pile on, calling him a “closet socialist” and more. “De Blasio’s fondness for communism won’t receive widespread media condemnation in part because the non-Post media largely shares communism’s underlying belief in altruism,” one reader declared.

In contrast, Republican Joe Lhota, behind in the polls and facing an uphill climb to victory in November, has fared far better, according to the paper’s stories and op-eds pegged to the mayoral race.

Below you can find a partial list of such stories since Sunday: