The New Yorker Makes Subtle Design Changes That Will Probably Still Annoy Longtime Readers (Video)

New Yorker cover

Creative director Wyatt Mitchell discussed the redesign in a well-produced video that the magazine posted last night. Mr. Mitchell and a team of 13 spent the past year going through the archives to figure out how to refresh the magazine by drawing on its legacy.

“Many of these changes are subtle enough that David Remnick, the magazine’s editor, said that if the magazine fell on the floor and were three feet away, it would still be identifiable to longtime readers,” The New York Times reported.

But maybe some of those longtime readers will be throwing the magazine on the floor themselves in protest. Despite the subtlety of the changes, Mr. Remnick told the Times that he still expects complaints from readers. Nobody likes change, especially people who have been getting the same magazine every week for years and years.

The changes include new looks for  the “Goings On About Town,” “Briefly Noted” and Fiction sections and updates to the table of contents and contributors page. The most notable difference so far is to the “Goings On About Town” section, but, according to Mr. Mitchell, that is just the beginning.

Video below:

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