Nobody Is More Disappointed About John McAfee’s Fake Death Reports Than John McAfee

It wasn't even that slow of a news day.

Alive. (Photo: PC Mag)

Alive. (Photo: PC Mag)

This morning, John McAfee woke up alive. Granted, if you’ve been following the anti-virus software pioneer gone wild, that could come as a surprise. But, nope, contrary to reports yesterday from the legitimate-sounding outlet Indymedia Ireland that he had died in a Las Vegas hotel room, he’s still kicking.

The (now deleted) erroneous report claimed that Mr. McAfee lashed out at a vicious case of the Mondays by partaking in a “cocaine and alcohol-fueled binge” at the Palms Casino Resort. The bizarre fan fiction continued, saying that Mr. McAfee was found in a by security personnel in a “semi-conscious” state, but he couldn’t be revived. So, he died.

Not really! The “eccentric billionaire” confirmed on Twitter that he’s alive and well. “I felt fine when I went to bed last night. I had such great plans,” he wrote. He followed it up with this tweet:

Hashtag RT, he tweeted again this morning confirming that literally nothing of his body is dead.

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