Backstage at BCBG: Lubov Azria on De-Stressing Her Vocabulary

Lubov Azria and Nina Garcia switch glasses backstage at the BCBG show today. (Getty Images)

Lubov Azria and Nina Garcia switch glasses backstage at the BCBG show today. (Getty Images)

“My first priority when I arrive is to get to the hair and makeup people,”  Lubov Azria, wife of Max Azria and Chief Creative Officer of  BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP, told The Observer after this morning’s BCBG show.

“Then I make sure all the models have arrived…that’s very important. Any last minute changes to the outfits need to be made. Then, I try to get around to the press, make time for the interviews.” The Ukrainian blond gave us a knowing smile. “And then try to squeeze in a few things in-between. (Like trying on Nina Garcia‘s Google Glass, perhaps?)

“It takes nine months to plan for just today,” she said. We noted that one could have a baby in that amount of time and Ms. Azria still has one more show to go–the Hervé Léger line on Saturday– so in reality, it’s more like getting ready for twins.

Surely, the whole pre-show, backstage scene– its frantic pace and swarms of models and photographers, outfits flying off the shelves, the tears, the uneaten plates of croissants and the fear of running out of coffee– is the most stressful part of the whole ordeal?

“I don’t believe in stress,” Ms. Azria said. “I’ve actually taken the word out of my vocabulary. And when you take the word stress out of your vocabulary, you’re just overwhelmed.”

We agreed, especially since “stressed” is the most common adjective New Yorkers use to describe themselves.

“So now I’m just overwhelmed on a daily basis,” Ms. Azria said. “And it feels so much better!”

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