On the Market: Leo Looks At Puck Building Penthouses; Watch 1 WTC Rise In Two Minutes; Manhattan Condos Losing Clients to Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn rents are expected to grow faster than Manhattan ones. [DNAinfo]
Leonardo DiCaprio caught peeking at Puck Building penthouses. [Post]
Lower Manhattan strategizes  ways to lure more tech firms. [WSJ]
Time-lapse video shows 1 World Trade Center rising in two minutes. [AC]
Greenwood Heights waterfront site trades for a perplexingly high $92 million. [TRD]
New Yorker cover all about the pain of New York real estate this week. [Curbed]
Edge residents reminisce about the days when Williamsburg was “wild, wild west.” [Gawker]
Luxury towers in Brooklyn and Queens poach buyers from Manhattan market. [WSJ]
One last chance to say goodbye to the now-shuttered Bleecker Bob’s. [CapitalNY]
Four people were shot at Soho music club S.O.B.’s last night. [Gothamist]
Shocking! Sunnyside Gardens residents don’t want the Aluminaire House to move there. [Daily News]
Bronx businesses claim that civil liberties are being violated by crime-chasing agency. [Crain’s]