Pinterest and Path Attempt to Out-Douche Each Other Over the Letter ‘P’

Good use of everyone's time.

(Photo: Gadgetsteria)

(Photo: Gadgetsteria)

There are thousands of startups out there solving important, systemic problems that have been plaguing communities for years. Pinterest, a social network for sharing pictures of butts, and Path, a social network for sharing pictures of your butt with an elite circle of friends, are not two of them.

Now, Techcrunch reports that the platforms are dueling over the letter “P.” This is where tech is today, everyone. Soak it up.

Pinterest and Path both use a red-and-white themed “P” as the logo for their mobile apps, and they look so similar they’re almost like inverted versions of each other. Pinterest wants to keep Path from using the P by trademarking the letter so that other startups, like Path, are forced to change their logos.

Path is understandably frustrated by the move and is fighting against Pinterest’s request by filing an opposition, on which they recently ask for an extension. If Path wins, both companies will continue to be able to use their respective logos without running into any legal snags–unless, of course, Path decides to get revenge by filing for their own trademark on the letter “P.”

Keep tackling the hard ones, guys. We’re thankful for your services.