Popularity of E-Cigarette Trend Stories Surpasses Popularity of E-Cigarettes

E cig vaping (Getty)

E cig vaping (Getty)

Today, The New York Post wrote yet another story about how all the kids these days are smoking e-cigarettes. (In fact, with no studies showing e-cigarette age ranges, we’ll put our money on the products being mostly consumed by older adults who are trying to quit smoking, as the products aren’t very “cool.”)

The Post is following in the grand tradition of every New York news outlet which has already written an e-cigarette trend story in the past 18 months, despite the instances of actually seeing one of these non-smoke-able product outside a bodega (or the New York Observer office) are still low. Maybe the Post was just at Fashion Week?

According to The Post, e-cigarette smokers face “a big backlash” as “The City Council is considering legislation that would ban flavored-nicotine products…in retail shops, and could limit some brands to tobacco bars.”

It will be interesting to see if the City Council is actually able to pass such legislation, when federal law still can’t figure out a way to get around the lack of FCC involvement in “vaping” products.