Professor Arrested for Creepshotting Students With Camera-Equipped Pen

This will certainly earn him a low rating on

Don Samuelson. (Photo: First Coast News/police)

Don Samuelson. (Photo: First Coast News/police)

A University of Florida professor was arrested Friday for allegedly using a camera-equipped pen to covertly record video of the blouses and shirts of his students. Don Samuelson, who is a teacher of veterinary science, was charged for video voyeurism–creepshots, basically.

The 65-year-old professor allegedly began filming last April and continued until August. There are four purported incidents. In one, he’s said to have angled the pen down the girl’s V-neck. In June, police reports states that he pointed the portable creepshot gadget toward an area “normally covered by a shirt,” and last month he directed the pen between a student’s thighs.

The campus’ college newspaper reports Mr. Samuleson has been on administrative leave since Sept. 6, when the pen was found in his office. They also discovered USB pens with footage of students. He admitted to filming students “to prove that he or she wasn’t wearing undergarments.”

First Coast News reports Mr. Samuleson faces two counts of video voyeurism of a 19-year-old or older. UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes could not comment on the case because it’s still ongoing but added “in a case with these kinds of serious allegations, we would pursue termination.”