Protect Your Phone From Digital STDs With This USB Condom

No, seriously.


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Smartphone STDs may sound funny, but just like regular STDs, they are no laughing matter. We’ve written before about how scientists have proven thatmalware can be transmitted onto your phone through strange plugs–not to mention that your precious data can be stloen the same way. But now, a USB Condom promises to prevent either from happening.

Here’s how it works, according to

“The simple board at its core carries only the current from the outside pins on a USB connector — which pass along the 5V needed to charge. The middle pins that would normally transmit data can’t, as there’s no circuitry to do so on the Condom.”

They’re currently sold out on, so until you can get one, just tell your phone to keep its pants on and no one should be able to steal your data.