Rangel and Bachmann Yell at Each Other in Heated CNN Debate

Michele Bachmann and Charlie Rangel debate.

Michele Bachmann and Charlie Rangel earlier tonight.

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann faced off on CNN’s Crossfire tonight.

Predictably, there were fireworks.

The Obamacare-focused debate began respectfully enough, with Mr. Rangel even complimenting the Tea Party stalwart. But a few minutes in, the discussion erupted into an all-out shouting match, with Ms. Bachmann at one point accusing Mr. Rangel of being against working-class Americans like “Joe Six-Pack.”

“You’re a lawyer and you’re a lawmaker and you know that it is impossible!” Mr. Rangel declared, as the two argued over whether Obamacare could be repealed amid a conservative effort to de-fund the law by tying it to legislation funding the federal government. “You know that!”

“I know you wouldn’t shut down a woman. I know that under no circumstances would you shut down a woman. So I’ll have my piece too,” Ms. Bachmann later interjected as the two talked over one another and the hosts attempted to restore order.

Watch below: