Reeder Brothers’ Beach Painting Club Raises Money for Rockaways

Scott Reeder, 'Beach Painting Club,' 2013. (Courtesy the artist and Lisa Cooley)

Scott Reeder, ‘Beach Painting Club,’ 2013. (Courtesy the artist and Lisa Cooley)

For the past year or so, the artists in the Beach Painting Club founded by artists Scott and Tyson Reeder have been hard at work. On the Saturday afternoon of Miami Basel 2012 they hit the beach at the Deauville Beach Resort, the site of the NADA fair, and painted away. This summer they were out in the Rockaways and in the Hamptons, again doing their thing. Now we get to see what they were up to.

NADA announced today that is has joined with White Columns, the Reeder brothers and Friends & Family to present a show and auction to raise money for Smallwater, an organization of Rockaway residents “deeply invested in rebuilding a sustainable community.” The show will be held at Rachel Uffner’s new (not-yet-renovated) space on Oct. 8. The auction goes live today on Paddle8 at 12 p.m.

The really nice artist list includes Laura Owens, Daniel Heidkamp (no surprise: he’s a great beach painter), Brian Belott, Melissa Brown and Gina Beavers, whose work pays tribute to the delicious tacos of the beloved Rockaway Taco.

Have a look at the works here.

There’s a fun little promotional video also, with comedian Kate Berlant, embedded below.