Retailers Really Sad They Can No Longer Advertise At You For Free Via Gmail

H/o just grabbing our tiny violin.

One cell phone, one laptop, a pair of sneaker wedges and zero retail emails. (Photo: Getty)

One cell phone, one laptop, a pair of sneaker wedges and zero retail emails. (Photo: Getty)

Gmail’s new inboxes have elicited many an aggravated response from users who expect the free service to be exactly the way they want it at all times and never change. And now, retailers are weighing in with their own tales of woe and disappointment.

To be specific, ecommerce types are “up in arms,” the New York Times reports, about the fact that their endless stream of junk mail is now relegated to a folder labeled “promotional.”

Ada Polla, chief executive of skin care brand Alchimie Forever, doesn’t like it, she asserts. “My guess would be that you might log on to your Gmail 20 times a day, and look at promotions once a week,” she says. Duh, Ada. The whole point is to get the crap we don’t care about away from the stuff we have to deal with immediately. I don’t need Anthropologie’s twee lifestyle porn making me feel inadequate via inbox before I’ve even had my coffee in the morning.

It’s tough to tell whether or not people are successfully ignoring retailers’ emails at this point because the service hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, the Times notes, but there has been a one-percent drop-off in the rate at which consumers open the emails.

The Times asserts that some people like having all the promotional emails in one place, not so that they can ignore them en masse, but because then they can read all of them at once. Honestly, we’d rather be trapped in a busy Target for an entire afternoon on a Sunday than have to look at more than one retail email at a time, no matter how many coupon codes come with them.