Staples and RadioShack Remember Amazon Is a Competitor, Bail on ‘Lockers’ Program

Turns out planting a post office for your competitor in the middle of your store isn't the biggest money-maker.

Cool dystopian world-building, Jeff. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Cool dystopian world-building, Jeff. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Bad news for those of us with lousy, package-stealing neighbors: Bloomberg News reports that Staples and RadioShack have both pulled out of Amazon’s lockers program. Corporate HQ probably wasn’t thrilled about inviting their scariest competitor into their stores to begin with, and the experiment just didn’t generate the cash to make it worth taking a viper to their breast.

RadioShack is apparently in the process of decluttering its stores, while Staples told Bloomberg that the test “didn’t meet the criteria we set up together.” Translation: They participated on the assumption they could get some impulse buys out of additional foot traffic.

But it seems purchases of printer paper and D batteries didn’t skyrocket, after all:

“That was a little bit odd, but what they were hoping for was that when customers would come in to pick up stuff from the locker, they would pick up additional items,” said Brian Yarbrough, a retail analyst with Edward Jones & Co. in St. Louis. If they pulled the lockers, that means they probably “weren’t seeing the incremental sales out of the deal.”

That probably explains why 7/11 is still participating–you can’t get a Big Gulp on Amazon, and it’s impossible to walk by a Slurpee machine without stopping. Other retailers like Rite-Aid and Walgreen’s are sticking around so far, too.

Maybe Amazon should just rent out all those abandoned Borders/Barnes and Nobles and full ’em with lockers.

(h/t the Verge)