Startup Rundown: Shake App Makes Contracts On Your Phone And Wi-Fi Comes To NYC GroundLink Cars

Imagine all the fun of these contracts on your phone! (Photo: flickr user NobMouse)

Imagine all the fun of these contracts on your phone! (Photo: flickr user NobMouse)

Lawyer up on the go A new app from minds like BuzzFeed’s president Jon Steinberg and Spotify’s Jared Grusd lets you create, sign and send legal documents from your smartphone. Shake, released last week, includes template documents for independent contractors, personal loans, and NDAs. After you’ve chosen your document and answered a few quick questions, the contract can be signed on the spot or emailed. It’ll also be stored away in the cloud so you can get to it later. “Agreements don’t need to be long and complicated to be legally binding,” says Grusd. Yes, let’s leave lots of room in there, okay?

MakerBot shows off MakerBot’s desktop 3D scanner, the Digitizer, was first announced in March, available for pre-order in August, and is scheduled to ship in mid-October. But you can get an early look at the scanner at World Maker Faire this weekend. The Digitizer uses a camera and two lasers to scan an object and make a 3D digital file of it. At Maker Faire, you can check it out and hear MakerBot CEO Bre Pattis talk about just how cool it is. But if that’s still too big for you, check out this teeny 3D sensor for your iPad on Kickstarter that can be used as a 3D scanner.

Apartment envy Polyvore, the site overflowing with collages of mismatched clothes, just launched their new Home section. Now would-be interior designers can put together their ultimate collections of housewares based on specific rooms or “Moodsets,” including country kitchen accessories, confusingly modern living room furniture, and oh-my-god-it’s-suddenly-nap-time comfy bedroom sets. And just like the other Polyvore sections, users can buy their favorite pieces through the same site.

NARR8 gets more social Yesterday, NARR8 became the first digital motion comics publisher that’s available through Facebook’s App Center. NARR8 expanded to let users create and read (and sort of watch) motion comics on their iPhones in late August through their free app. And now you can do all of those things through Facebook, too.

GroundLink works on its Karma App-enabled car service GroundLink and 4G hotspot provider Karma announced this week that they’re partnering up to bring you Wi-Fi hotspots in NYC’s VIP-class cars. Karma uses a pay-as-you-go service that encourages hotspot owners to let others connect through a “social bandwidth” program. Basically, the owner gets 100 free MB for every new user that connects to their hotspot, and the new guy gets 100 MB too. Let’s hope this goes better than last year’s false start with Uber.

Getting the hang of it In just 6 months the streaming video app Hang w/ has collected over 500,000 downloads and counts 50 Cent and early investor Timbaland among its users. The app lets users broadcast (definitely fascinating) moments of their lives in real time to other users and simultaneously chat with them. Just like having friends! Andrew Matlin, CEO of Hang w/, says this milestone puts them “ahead of Twitter.” Oh, okay.