TaskRabbit Is Making it Easy For Lazy People to Skip That Long iPhone Line

Skip this BS. (Photo: Digital Trends)

Skip this BS. (Photo: Digital Trends)

If the act of standing in the line for the moderately improved new iPhone is too much for your tired bones, TaskRabbit is making it easier to offload that mental and physical torture to somebody else.

The startup is offering people the chance to pay $14 per hour for “line-sitters” at Apple stores tomorrow. Then they’ll wait around for the 15 hours or so it’ll take to get your new iPhone. It’s part of the company’s “Skip the Line” program, which TaskRabbit said they were excited to launch since the iPhone was announced last week.

“We were basically sitting there waiting to send the email as soon as someone finally said the word ‘iPhone,'” company spokesman Johnny Beckett confessed breathlessly to CNNMoney. He added that 250 line-skippers, a practice that Apple is supposedly fine with, have signed up.

Anyway, since buying a new iPhone is more personal than applying for a credit card (with all that cell phone data package information and what not), TaskRabbit says you can’t jet off to Bermuda while your helpless, uh, rabbit withers away. TaskRabbit recommends future iPhone users to swap places about 10 minutes before the front of the line.

No word if TaskRabbit is going to expand the program when the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch launches.