The New Grand Theft Auto V Game Lets You Kill a Mark Zuckerberg Look-Alike

Jack Dorsey was deemed too boring.

Zuckerberg? (Photo: New York Post/Rockstar North)

Zuckerberg? (Photo: New York Post/Rockstar North)

Mark Zuckerberg just can’t catch a break. Players of the newly released Grand Theft Auto V say there’s a Zuckerberg imitator featured in the game who can be hunted down and killed. And the similarities are pretty striking.

The New York Post reports that there is a character named “Jay Norris,” who is the founder of a fictional social network dubbed “Lifeinvader,” and claims he’s “clearly inspired” by Zuck. Just like the real Zuck, the character dons a drab sweater and has lightly gingered hair, though his notable sheen of sweat is missing.

In the bloody scenario, players disguise themselves so they can covertly sneak into the “Lifeinvader” headquarters to place a bomb into a prototype phone that the character is readying for debut. Not even in a fictional world can the Facebook Home be barred from being a punchline.

The “payoff” for bloodthirsty players comes when the Zuckerberg look-a-like proclaims at the conference how the phone helps him partially achieve his quest for world domination. “We have put a billion peoples’ private data in the public domain and we have milked every penny we could in the process,” says the character, an obvious nod the public’s suspicion of Facebook.

Then, when he moves the explosive-loaded phone near his head, it blows up, causing his noggin to roll off his body.

Facebook didn’t return the Post’s request for comment. But, we suppose if that whole “pro-knowledge economy” quote ignites rage in you, this might be a cathartic method to relieve yourself.