There’s a Subreddit Full of Bored People Exchanging Their Snapchat Names

Never change, Reddit.

Being random and bored! (Photo: Hashgram)

Being random and bored! (Photo: Hashgram)

Does the Best Friend section on your Snapchat need a shake up? Ditch them and make some new ones over at r/Snapchat, on Reddit. The no-frills description explains all you need to know: It’s “a place to exchange usernames,” but add in the caveat that it’s Reddit, so brace your eyeballs.

Users post descriptions of themselves and the type of people they want to snap with. We notice a lot of them channel their best Lindsay Lohan impression from Liz and Dick and just exclaim that they’re bored and need a pal. Most often than not, the posts are capped with a 🙂 or 😉 so consider that your warning.

Although the subreddit isn’t the most active section — the most current message is from yesterday — it’s certainly an interesting microcosm of oft-creepy Internet culture. Some are earnest, like a user named bigfatbrad who wrote that he’s just looking for some “new friends.” Then there’s alpha4286, presumably a guy, who writes “Send me a pic of anything from your current hair do to your new bikini and I’ll give you honest feedback!” So sly of you, bro.

Also, it’s the Internet, so no matter how much you plead for no dick pics, you’re going to get them anyway. One poster got so fed up with your penis selfies that a female user removed her name (you can still private message her for it).

If this is too boring and too PG-rated, there’s r/DirtySnapChat. It’s not surprisingly more active than its genial neighbor, but the sex breakdown is very one sided (spoiler: a lot of dudes!). A bunch of bored and horny dudes who just want to show you their dumb ole’ penises.

So go out there and make some memories with some bored suburban teens, everyone!