Wait Til Kanye Finds Out There’s a Job Posting for His Clothing Line on LinkedIn

At least it's not Monster.com?

That dress will be on clearance. (Photo by Karwai Tang/FilmMagic)

That dress will be on clearance. (Photo by Karwai Tang/FilmMagic)

Kanye West is a pretty tech-savvy gent–his most recent music video was available only on his website and tied in to Instagram, and his mysterious startup, Donda, is populated by tech guys and app guys. And on the rare occasion that he lets us into his creative process, it most often comes through a stream of artfully-caps-locked tweets.

That’s why we’re a little skeptical about this LinkedIn help-wanted ad purporting to be advertising the missing career link between you and Yeezus:

“Opportunities like this Vice President, Production role are few and far between: you will play a key role in launching a new clothing line designed by Kanye West. The venture will be very high profile and, unlike those in which celebrities merely lend their name to a label, this venture will have the power of Mr. West’s creative genius at the heart and soul of it. In this role you will oversee all aspects of production, from pre-production to sourcing to production, building the function from square one. In addition to interacting with Mr. West, you will join a team that has deep experience and track records of success in the industry.”

But as Fashionista points out, Linkedin is wack as far as social media sites go, and Kanye doesn’t seem like he’d stoop to using social media’s conservative uncle to find creative staffers. Furthermore, the listing casually drops the phrase “malls and other outlets across America” and that is actually the least Yeezus thing we’ve ever heard. Malls? Mr. West likely hasn’t been in one in a decade. On the other hand, his baby-mama is a huge fan of kreating kouture that’s affordable to your average suburbanite, so we can’t totally rule it out.

We used our Catfish-gleaned online identity verification skillz to figure out if the person who posted it on Linkedin, Jessica Nettleton on behalf of Decision Toolbox, was legit, and she largely passed muster. The question is whether or not Kanye knows something related to his creative endeavors was posted on database-of-boring-people Linkedin. We wouldn’t want to be around when he gets that memo.