Watch Charlie Rose’s Face While Alexis Ohanian Tries to Explain Himself

Charlie doesn't have time for this.

Explain yourself. (Photo: CBS)

Explain yourself. (Photo: CBS)

This morning, Reddit cofounder and artisanal startup advisor Alexis Ohanian popped into CBS’s This Morning for a little chat. He was on the breakfast program promoting his new book, promoting his new book and talking about the Internet (of which the graphics breathlessly dubbed him the mayor). Most importantly, he left cohost Charlie Rose confused for a good four minutes.

Original grumpy cat Mr. Rose first stumbled on Mr. Ohanian’s name and then looked on as he explained what Reddit was. He clarified that it’s not a news site, but a social media site closer to the likes of Tumblr or Twitter. Glad we finally figured that out! Mr. Rose continued to stare at Mr. Ohanian, looking quite nonplussed.

That didn’t do much for Mr. Rose’s confused face, but he did take a break from his mental mint julep on the plantation porch to ask about Reddit’s colossal Boston bomber fuck up. Clearly angling for something newsworthy to make this segment worthwhile, Mr. Rose asked what he learned.

“This is a challenge for all social media platforms,” he said and lauded Reddit GM’s Erik Martin’s apology. “Even traditional media get it wrong…It’s a problem that unfortunately is a fundamental human problem. We make errors, people made errors when they’re well-trained journalists and they’re going to make errors when everyone has a soapbox.”

A few questions later, Mr. Rose then brought the segment to a close, looking no less dumbfounded about just what the hell the Internet is.