Why We Need Shows Like The Newsroom: A Satire (Video)

The Newsroom...is not the best show on TV. (Funny or Die)The Newsroom: A Satire (Video)" />

The Newsroom…is not the best show on TV. (Funny or Die)

If anyone is still watching The Newsroom after its anti-climatic Operation: Genoa denouement–Seriously? We’re all just going to be let off the hook for Jerry Dantana’s colossal fuss-up? (Just kidding, we don’t know Jerry’s last name enough to care.)–you might also be interested in the fact that the show might be renewed for a third season. Yikers Island.

Here’s Funny or Die’s takedown of Aaron Sorkin’s blow job to himself and the rest of his liberal demographic cronies: “It’s soundtrack is Coldplay. They have a storyline based around the kid from Slumdog Millionaire believing in Bigfoot and it has the worst–period–writing–period–for women–period–ever–period…period.”

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Much more believable than anyone still being on air at ACN post-Operation Genoa. (Seriously.)