Williamsburg Perfume Maker Bottles the Stench of NYC’s Most Rotten Block


Eau de stank. (Nova)

Eau de stank. (Nova)

One way to make a bold entrance? Trick everyone into believing they’re being sieged by a swarm of sun-weathered poultry, cigarette butts, piss and homeless cats.

This is no longer a pipe dream. Williamsburg perfume wizard Julia Zangrilli of Nova  just whipped up a perfume inspired by the rancid stench wafting along Manhattan’s Broome Street between Allen and Eldridge, the notorious smelliest block in New York.

The grimace-inducing prototype, LES, was dreamt up in collaboration with New York’s Bedford + Bowery blog for their bazaar event this weekend.

Those eager to douse themselves less ironically in the aroma of decay are in luck: Ms. Zangrilli also concocted a fragrance based on a lungful of Greenpoint’s water treatment plant, an apparently pleasant scent based on the area’s foliage. The Greenpoint blend is available through September.

LES, unfortunately, will not be commercially sold. Creative would-be buyers can still create their own DIY Broome stink the old-fashioned way — by scrubbing themselves down with old meat, and passing a hot afternoon in a port-a-potty.