Wipe Out All Mentions of Miley Cyrus With This Handy Browser Plug-In

We're twerking a foam finger in excitement.

#### (Photo: Twitter/MileyCyrus)

Over you. (Photo: Twitter/MileyCyrus)

What kind of uncontrollable rage do the words “twerking,” “Miley Cyrus” and “wrecking ball” conjure up when you see them in your browser?  If your body convulses into a session of rage-twerking against will until your limbs eventually succumb to severe case of paresthesia, then we have a solution for you.

Bow down to the parish of developer Chris Horris for creating a Google Chrome plug-in that wipes clean all mentions of the future Oprah Winfrey interview subject. We guess you could say the free extension goes in like a wrecking ball (ugh) and replaces words associated with Ms. Cyrus with pound signs.

Words currently in the filtered list include twerking, wrecking ball and variations of her name. It also omits the word “Kardashian” from appearing, which in our eyes, makes it the ideal candidate to win a TechCrunch Disrupt award.

“No Cyrus” has received high marks in the app store. “It had to be done and I’m so glad it was. Thank you, developer. You are my hero,” commented a person.

It would be truly heroic if we could download this to our brain, too.